Warm Climate Apples

  • Magnum Bonum

    Magnum Bonum

    Also known as: Bonum, Maggie Bonum, Maggie Bowman, Red Bonum, Magna Bonum, Bona A long-time Southern favorite and one of the finest early fall apples available. It originated in 1828 in Davidson County, North Carolina when John Kinny planted seeds of the Hall apple, another …

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  • Victoria Limbertwig

    Also known as: Sweet Limbertwig Victoria Limbertwig is one of the more flavorful of the many Limbertwig varieties and one of the most beautiful. It is a very high quality dessert apple with a rich, smooth flavor. The tree is quite lovely with a true …

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  • Swiss Limbertwig

    Swiss Limbertwig

    A very beautiful apple with an appealing maroon color. Originated with early Swiss settlers in the Cumberland Mountains. Ripens in October and is a good keeper. Print

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  • Summer Limbertwig

    Summer Limbertwig

    Also known as: Weeping Limbertwig, Summer Yellow Limbertwig Summer Limbertwig originated in Greensboro, NC, and first came to the public’s attention in 1855. The tree has a true weeping growth habit and produces a very beautiful fruit. The medium-sized apple has pale yellow skin overlaid …

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  • Smoky Mountain Limbertwig

    Smoky Mountain Limbertwig

    We obtained this Limbertwig in the mid-1980’s from the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee who was responsible for finding so many wonderful Limbertwig varieties. The tree is a true weeping type. Fruit size medium to large with yellow skin overlaid with dark and light …

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  • Ruby Limbertwig

    Ruby Limbertwig

    A very obscure Limbertwig from the collection of the late Robert Dudney of Gainesboro, Tennessee. Ruby Limbertwig is like many of the fine Limbertwig varieties which arose in very remote areas of the Appalachians. Though extremely popular within their area of origin, they were rarely …

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  • Royal Limbertwig

    Also known as: Carolina Baldwin(?), Imperial Limbertwig(?), Goosepen(?) This apple somewhat resembles the better-known Red Limbertwig but is a larger apple and does not store as well as Red Limbertwig. As described from growth trials at the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station in 1896, …

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  • Red Royal Limbertwig

    Red Royal Limbertwig

    This is perhaps one of the better-flavored Limbertwig varieties with a ideal balance of acids and sugars. Red Royal Limbertwig is one of the many Limbertwig apples recovered and restored to the public domain by the late, great Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Apple collectors …

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  • Red Limbertwig

    Red Limbertwig

    Also known as: Limbertwig, Mountain Limbertwig, Common Limbertwig, James River, Green Limbertwig, American Limbertwig, Red Jewel, Virginia Limbertwig (?) This is certainly one of the oldest and best known of the many Limbertwigs and probably the best keeper of the group. The flavor improves greatly …

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  • Ramsey Limbertwig

    Ramsey Limbertwig

    We consider Limbertwigs to be the quintessential apple of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. So many different strains of this wonderful variety have originated in eastern Tennessee, southwest Virginia, southeast  Kentucky and northwest North Carolina. Ramsey Limbertwig is one of the many outstanding Limbertwig apple varieties …

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