Warm Climate Apples

  • Schell

    Also known as: Shell, Schull Schell is an apple of West Virginia origin described in 1839 and once sold by the Fruitland Nursery of Augusta, Georgia in 1871. Fruit is medium-sized, round, and occasionally lobed. Skin is clear yellow, sometimes with a pink blush on …

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  • San Jacinto

    A very early season apple which originated in Georgia sometime before 1900. The story goes that Dr. A.M. Ragland of Pilot Point, Texas, bought some apple trees from the Fruitland Nursery of Augusta, Georgia, which were labeled as the variety “Mrs. Bryan.” Several years later …

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  • Reverend Morgan

    Reverend Morgan

    A local family heirloom of the Deep South, originating in Houston, Texas, an area not conducive to growing a wide variety of apples. The apple was first raised by Reverend Herman T. Morgan in 1965 from seeds of Granny Smith and produced its first fruit …

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  • Red Rebel

    Red Rebel

    This beautiful apple originated about 1850 in Rappahannock, Virginia on the farm of Captain Charles B. Wood. It was once described in old nursery catalogs as “the prettiest apple that grows.” Despite its attractiveness and fine flavor, the apple never gained a following in the …

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  • Polly Eades

    Polly Eades

    Discovered in 1884 in Robards, Kentucky and widely sold throughout the region. Believed to be an offspring of the more well-known Horse apple, Polly Eades is a late bloomer, thus escaping most late spring frosts. Tree bears early and produces a fruit which can be …

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  • Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl

    A beautiful apple with startling bright pink flesh and very attractive crimson-pink blossoms. Introduced in 1944 by the renowned California plant breeder, Albert Etter, Pink Pearl is a wonderful table apple which makes a beautiful and tasty pink applesauce. Fruit is medium-sized with a distinctive …

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  • Ophir


    This fine old North Carolina apple originated in the Ophir (pronounced OH-fur) community near the Uwharrie Mountains in the north-central Piedmont region of the state. According to Calhoun (2011), this information was provided to him in 1987 by Mrs. Nellie Williams of Kittrell, NC, whose …

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  • North Carolina Keeper

    Also known as: Carolina Keeper North Carolina Keeper is believed to come out of Davidson County, North Carolina, in the late 1800’s. There is some confusion as to its heritage with some early sources saying it is a seedling of Gilpin, a very similar variety. …

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  • Mattamuskeet


    Mattamuskeet probably originated near Lake Mattamuskeet in Hyde County, North Carolina. Legend has it that the seed was taken from the gizzard of a wild goose by the Mattamuskeet Indians. The fruit hangs well on the tree and ripens in November. A low-chill apple that …

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  • Margaret

    Also known as: Early Margaret, Early Striped Juneating, Striped June A very old variety originating in England and sold in the South for many years as Striped June or Early Striped June. Margaret is characterized by its small to medium size with an oblong to …

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