Mid Season Apples

  • Tarbutton


    Our friend, Joyce Neighbors of Gadsden, Alabama, noted apple collector from whom we obtained this old apple, says the Tarbutton is an old variety first described in a 1982-1983 catalog of Lawson’s Nursery in Ball Ground, Georgia. According to Jim Lawson this apple probably originated …

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  • Sugarloaf Pippin

    Also known as: Early Sugar Loaf, Sugar Loaf Greening, Hutching’s Seedling Some early literature indicates this apple originated in England but most likely it arose in Russia. It was a popular apple widely grown in the Ohio Valley in the 1880’s and was believed to …

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  • Spencer

    Although not exactly an antique or heirloom variety, Spencer is a high-quality dessert apple that has not received the attention that it deserves. A cross of McIntosh and Golden Delicious, it was developed in 1926 at the British Columbia Experimental Station in Summerland and released …

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  • Sweet Dixon

    A somewhat unknown variety widely grown in Watauga County, North Carolina at the turn of the century, though, oddly enough, never sold by any North Carolina nurseries. It was listed for sale in 1905 by the Comal Springs Nursery of New Braunfels, Texas. Our friend …

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  • Sweet Alford

    A vintage sweet to mild bittersweet cider apple which originated in Devon, England, sometime in the 18th century. A small, pale yellow apple which produces sweet juice and mild bittersweet cider of high quality. Print

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  • Sutton’s Beauty

    Also known as: Beauty, Sutton, Morris Red, Steele’s Red A high-quality dessert apple which originated in 1848 in Sutton, Massachusetts. It was once raised as a commercial variety in New York around 1900. A productive but biennial variety occasionally susceptible to fireblight. Fruit is medium-sized …

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  • Summer Rambo

    Summer Rambo

    Also known as: Summer Rambo of Pennsylvania, Imperial Rambo, Frank Rambo, Rambour d’Ete, Rambour Franc, Summer Rambour, Redsumbo, Striped Rambo(?) This apple is of French origin and once quite popular in Maryland and Virginia. The fruit can be picked while still green for frying, pies …

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  • Summer Champion

    Summer Champion

    Also known as: Holland, Kincaid Summer Champion is one of the few apples to have originated in the warm regions of Texas. The apple originated in 1923 at the home of J. W. Kincaid of Weatherford, Texas. Originally known as Kincaid, the apple’s name was …

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  • Summer Banana

    A very attractive apple with a distinct banana flavor and aroma when fully ripe. The apple originated in Marion County, South Carolina and was sold there and in North Carolina until the early 1900’s. In 1900, it was trademarked by the J. Van Lindley Nursery …

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  • Strawberry Pippin

    Strawberry Pippin

    Strawberry Pippin is a lovely red-striped apple with a pleasant crunch and a very pleasing sweet-tart flavor. The origin of this attractive apple is uncertain but is thought to have come from England at an unknown date. The medium-sized apple is striped with light and …

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