Mid Season Apples

  • Yellow Transparent

    Yellow Transparent

    Also known as: Early Transparent, Russian Transparent, Early June, Early June Transparent, White Transparent(?), Charlottenthaler(?), Thaler(?), “Skin Tongue” One of many old Southern apples of Russian origin brought into this country in 1870 by the USDA. Resistant to cedar apple rust and scab and can …

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  • Yankee Sweet

    Yankee Sweet

    Once very popular in Floyd County and around Roanoke, Virginia, but quite rare and unknown today. Origin unclear. Its mild, sweet flavor makes this a pleasant fresh-eating apple but it is at its best when turned into apple preserves or marmalade. Also excellent for applesauce …

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  • Wolf River

    Wolf River

    A very well known apple in the Southern Appalachians prized for its outstanding applesauce and apple butter. Wolf River is an enormous apple that originated with William Springer of Quebec, Canada. Springer left his home in Canada for Wisconsin around 1856, stopping along the way …

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  • Winter Sweet Paradise

    Also known as: Winter Paradise, Grandmother, Wine Sweet, Paradise Winter Sweet, Honey Sweet, Pennsylvania Sweet Paradise, White Robinson, Paradise Sweet(?) This apple probably originated near Paradise in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and was first mentioned in 1842. It grows well at altitudes of 1200 to 1500 …

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  • Western Beauty

    Western Beauty

    Also known as: Beauty of the West, Big Rambo, Ohio Beauty, Musgrove’s Cooper, Grosh, Wells, Mammoth Rambo, Large Summer Rambo Believed to have originated in Marietta, Pennsylvania in 1815. Fruit closely resembles Summer Rambo, but ripens later. Considered one of the best fall apples. Fruit …

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  • Wealthy

    Originated in 1860 in Excelsior, Minnesota from the seeds of the Cherry Crab. Widely popular in the South due to its hardiness and early bearing abilities. When grown in colder areas it is a good keeper; otherwise considered a poor keeper. Skin is pale greenish-yellow …

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  • Virginia Sweet

    Virginia Sweet

    A beautiful apple of unknown origin but which certainly, based on its name, must have originated in Virginia. A very striking apple in appearance with deep, rich red skin, overlaid with large and distinctive irregular russet dots which cover the surface of the fruit. The …

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  • Twenty Ounce

    Twenty Ounce

    Also known as: Aurora, Blessing, Cayuga Red Streak, Coleman, Dunlap’s Aurora, Eighteen Ounce, Governor Seward, Lima, Morgan’s Favorite, Wine, Congress(?) Originating in New York in the early 1800’s, Twenty Ounce is a very large, showy fruit and an excellent cooking apple. Cooks easily and makes …

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  • Tony

    Also known as: Tony Apple This is a wonderful North Carolina apple with a great story behind it. A local apple once widely grown in Rowan, Stanly and Cabarrus counties in central North Carolina, Tony is high-quality apple considered by many to be one of …

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  • Tenderskin


    Also known as: Tender Peeling, Thin Skin(?), Tender Rind(?) Originated in South Carolina in the 1850’s and sold as an all-purpose apple for eating, cooking, and cider. Fruit size is below medium with clear yellow skin overlaid with red stripes and splashes. The fine-grained yellow …

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