Yellow Transparent


Also known as: Early Transparent, Russian Transparent, Early June, Early June Transparent, White Transparent(?), Charlottenthaler(?), Thaler(?), “Skin Tongue”

One of many old Southern apples of Russian origin brought into this country in 1870 by the USDA. Resistant to cedar apple rust and scab and can be grown in all areas of the South including the warmer coastal plain. Fruit is medium sized with smooth transparent yellow skin. White-fleshed, tender, fine-grained and juicy. Flavor is quite tart and tangy. Ripens June to July, depending on location.

Yellow Transparent Fruit
Yellow Transparent Bloom
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  1. Brian

    My mother grew up in Marshall County, Alabama, and the yellow transparent was referred to as the “skin tongue” in that area due to its tart flavor. Wonderful pie apple.

  2. Roger Blankenship
    Roger Blankenship04-06-2018

    Hello, my name is Roger Blankenship, I am writing to you about the June apple trees you have, can you tell me how to purchase these trees? My email address is, or phone number is 304-664-9275, please reply if you would, thank you.

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