Yellow Transparent


Also known as: Early Transparent, Russian Transparent, Early June, Early June Transparent, White Transparent(?), Charlottenthaler(?), Thaler(?)

One of many old Southern apples of Russian origin brought into this country in 1870 by the USDA. Resistant to cedar apple rust and scab and can be grown in all areas of the South including the warmer coastal plain. Fruit is medium sized with smooth transparent yellow skin. White-fleshed, tender, fine-grained and juicy. Flavor is quite tart and tangy. Ripens June to July, depending on location.

Yellow Transparent Fruit
Yellow Transparent Bloom
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  1. Barbara Reed
    Barbara Reed09-27-2013

    I would like to buy 5 yellow transparent trees. I did not see a Pink Lady in your list. Is it one you might have at another time?

    We would like to drive up to your location and pick up the trees. Please tell me how that is best done.

    We will make it a day trip from Black Mountain. I hope you have a good restaurant in the area to recommend. Our favorite passtime is eating! We just had some apple sauce made from early yellow transparent, and it was soooooooo good. I’m looking forward to picking the apples from my own back yard and not having to go looking all through town to find someone with a tree that I can beg to pick from.

    See you soon,

  2. Ali

    Dear Manager,

    I am interested to know whether you got varieties suitable for our climate and soil.
    Our soil is calcareous sandy, pH 7 to 7.5, low in nitrogen and potash. We get rainfall eight month a year with 1500 mm to 2000 mm. Temperature range from 25C to 33C. Its island situation close to sea and humid 75 to 80%.
    Hope you got variety of grapes and apple to suit our situation.

    Thanking you.
    Ali Shafeeg.

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