Mid Season Apples

  • Primate


    Also known as: July Apple, Harvest Apple, Belle Rose, Early Tart Harvest, North American Best, Powers, Rough and Ready, Round and Ready, Scott, Sour Harvest, Zour Bough Primate is a high-quality apple which originated about 1840 on the farm of Calvin D. Bingham of Camillus, …

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  • Porter


    Also known as: Jennings, Yellow Summer Pearmain One of many apples of northern origin that gained popularity in the South for its many fine cooking and eating qualities. It originated around 1800 in Sherburne, Massachusetts and was named for Rev. Samuel Porter who first grew …

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  • Pomme Gris

    Pomme Gris

    Also known as: Gray Apple, Pomme Grise, Grise, French Russet, Leather Apple of Turic, Leather Coat Pomme Gris may have originated with the French people of the St. Lawrence valley in Canada, but it is also possible it came into Canada from Europe. Although not …

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  • Polly Eades

    Polly Eades

    Discovered in 1884 in Robards, Kentucky and widely sold throughout the region. Believed to be an offspring of the more well-known Horse apple, Polly Eades is a late bloomer, thus escaping most late spring frosts. Tree bears early and produces a fruit which can be …

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  • Pitmaston Pineapple

    Pitmaston Pineapple

    Also known as: Pitmaston Pine, Pitmaston, Pineapple, Pineapple Pippin, Reinette d’Ananas A small but wonderful old russet apple which arose in England around 1785. Long appreciated as a very fine dessert apple. It is somewhat conical-shaped with a rich yellow color overlaid with a fine …

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  • Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl

    A beautiful apple with startling bright pink flesh and very attractive crimson-pink blossoms. Introduced in 1944 by the renowned California plant breeder, Albert Etter, Pink Pearl is a wonderful table apple which makes a beautiful and tasty pink applesauce. Fruit is medium-sized with a distinctive …

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  • Ophir


    This fine old North Carolina apple originated in the Ophir (pronounced OH-fur) community near the Uwharrie Mountains in the north-central Piedmont region of the state. According to Calhoun (2011), this information was provided to him in 1987 by Mrs. Nellie Williams of Kittrell, NC, whose …

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  • Munson’s Sweet

    Also known as: Orange Sweet, Ray Apple, Northern Sweet, Meacham Sweet, Rag Apple, Northern Sweet Munson’s Sweet is a prolific apple originating in Massachusetts before 1849 and was once widely available through several Southern nurseries, but is considered a rare variety today. It is an …

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  • Mrs. Bryan

    Mrs. Bryan

    Also known as: Bryan, Lady Bryan(?) This apple arose in the mid-1800’s from seeds planted by Robert Boatman of Walker County, Georgia. It was named for Mrs. J. W. Bryan of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, who was a noted member of the Georgia Horticultural Society. The …

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  • Mountain Rose

    Mountain Rose

    Not to be mistaken for the patented, red-fleshed Mountain Rose apple grown in the Mt. Hood River Valley of Oregon. Our Mountain Rose was discovered in 1985 as a wild seedling tree here in Ashe County. The Ashe County Mountain Rose is an exceptionally attractive …

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