Mid Season Apples

  • Bulmer’s Norman

    Bulmer’s Norman was an unnamed bittersweet cider apple discovered in Normandy, France and imported into Hereford, England by HP Bulmer & Co., Ltd. in the late 1800’s. Known for the intensity of its hard and bitter tannin, Bulmer’s Norman adds significant body and texture when …

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  • Flat Fallawater

    Flat Fallawater

    Also known as: Flat Head Fallawater This is a local apple that originated in northwest North Carolina. Our teacher and mentor, Lee Calhoun, writes in Old Southern Apples that he had heard of this apple for a long time but had never seen one until …

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  • Cap of Liberty

    Cap of Liberty

    A very old vintage bittersharp cider apple dating to the 13th and 14th Centuries. Although at its best when blended with a sweet cider variety like Sweet Coppin or bittersweet selections such as Dabinett, Yarlington Mill or Tremlett’s Bitter, Cap of Liberty will make a …

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  • Foxwhelp


    One of the oldest and better-known European cider apples, Foxwhelp can be traced back to the 17th Century where it is believed to have originated in Gloucester, England. It is said that the tree arose near a fox’s den, thus the name. A vintage bittersharp, …

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  • Lowry


    Also known as: Dixie, Mosby’s Best, Red Winter Originated in 1850 on the farm of John Lowry in Afton, Virginia. A medium size apple with striking dark mahogany-red skin with distinctive whitish dots scattered over the skin. The yellowish flesh is crisp and juicy. Ripens …

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  • Doctor Matthews

    Doctor Matthews

    Originated in Tennessee and credited to Dr. W.F. Matthews. An absolutely wonderful dessert apple, rich and sweet in flavor. Described in a letter from 1917 as an apple that “melts in the mouth like candy.” A large, roundish conical apple having yellow skin overlaid with …

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  • Ooten

    A colossal apple from Logan County, West Virginia. As described by James R. “Sammy” Hall of Logan, Ooten has been raised in the Trace Creek and Mingo Creek areas of Mingo County since prior to 1895 when Mingo was part of Logan County. The name …

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  • Ozark Gold

    This apple is a cross of A1291 and Golden Delicious and was developed at the Missouri State Agricultural Experimental Station and introduced in 1970. It is similar in flavor and appearance to Golden Delicious but ripens about three weeks earlier. It bears young and shows …

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  • Tucker


    Also known as: Tucker Everbearing Once believed to be extinct, this low chill apple was rediscovered in 1997 by Lee Calhoun near Greensboro, North Carolina, the area where the apple first originated. According to a 1920 catalog from the J. Van Lindley Nursery of Greensboro, …

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  • Mary McKinney

    Mary McKinney

    Discovered and raised by the late Swansie Shepherd near our hometown of Lansing, North Carolina. Swansie was a highly respected high school agricultural teacher here in Ashe County who raised hundreds of apples and acres of blueberries. The original tree was found by Swansie in …

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