Mrs. Bryan


Also known as: Bryan, Lady Bryan(?)

This apple arose in the mid-1800’s from seeds planted by Robert Boatman of Walker County, Georgia. It was named for Mrs. J. W. Bryan of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, who was a noted member of the Georgia Horticultural Society. The tree is a very productive and dependable bearer and produces a large, showy, colorful apple. Long extinct in this country, Lee Calhoun of Pittsboro, North Carolina, obtained scionwood in the early 1990’s from the fruit collection of the National Fruit Trust of Kent, England. Fruit is large, roundish to conical, with greenish-yellow skin with an reddish-orange blush and occasional light red stripes. The creamy white flesh is tender, coarse and somewhat dry. Ripens July to August, but can be picked into October in mountainous areas.

Mrs. Bryan Fruit

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