Mid Season Apples

  • Kidd's Orange Red

    Kidd’s Orange Red

    Although not considered an “heirloom” variety, Kidd’s Orange is an fine dessert apple which deserves its place in the home orchard. It originated in 1924 in New Zealand as a cross of Delicious and Cox’s Orange Pippin. The vigorous and precocious tree produces fruit which …

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  • Jefferis


    Also known as: Everbearing, Grantham, Jefferis Red Jefferis is a high-quality fall apple well adapted to most growing conditions of the South. It originated in the 1840’s on the farm of Isaac Jefferis of Chester County, Pennsylvania. It makes a great apple for the home …

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  • Jarrett


    A popular regional apple originating in Watauga County, North Carolina. Although relatively unknown outside the northwestern area of North Carolina, it is a very highly prized apple still grown for local markets. The fruit is small and red-striped with yellow flesh.

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  • Jake's Seedling

    Jake’s Seedling

    Our friend and fellow apple collector, Lee Calhoun, obtained this apple from Herbert Childress of Kentucky who himself is a collector of heirloom apples. The apple originated in Russell County, Kentucky, on the farm of J. B. Garner. For many years this apple was a …

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  • Huntsman


    Also known as: Huntsman Favorite Originated about 1850 on the farm of John Huntsman of Fayette, Missouri, and was widely grown in Kansas and Missouri. Although prized for its fresh eating qualities and the vigor and productiveness of the tree, it was never widely sold …

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  • Hunge


    Believed to have originated in North Carolina in the 1700’s, Hunge is a classic old apple long valued for its many wonderful qualities. Once believed lost, Hunge was rediscovered and saved in 1986 by Gertrude Morris of Newton Grove, North Carolina. It is one of …

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  • Horse


    Also known as: Yellow Horse, Old Fashion Horse, Carolina Horse, Summer Horse, Green Horse, McBath, Oldfield Horse, Improved Horse, Trippes Horse, Hoss Horse was probably the most popular apple grown for home use in the South. Believed by some to have originated in Nash County, …

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  • Honey Sweet

    Honey Sweet

    Also known as: Honey Cider In the mid-1970’s famed apple collector, Elwood Fisher, discovered this apple growing in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Fruit is medium-sized with pale yellow skin flushed with light pink. The flesh is firm, juicy and very sweet. The tree has …

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  • Higdon


    This apple was discovered around 1980 growing on the property of a Mr. Higdon near Millport, AL. Described as resembling Red Delicious and making a wonderful apple cider. Fruit is medium in size with smooth yellow skin overlaid with streaks and stripes of red and …

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  • Hawley

    Also known as: Douse, Dowse, Dows, Howley Hawley originated around 1750 on the farm of Matthew Hawley of New Canaan, New York. It was raised from seed originally brought from Milford, Connecticut. When grown in the North, it is a high quality apple, but when …

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