Red Astrachan


Also known as: Red Ashmore, Abe Lincoln, Captain, American Red, Hamper’s American, Waterloo, Beauty of Wales, Castle Leno Pippin, Deterding’s Early, Duke of Devon

Second only to Winesap as the most widely sold Southern apple and at one time was one of the most widely distributed throughout the world. A very popular American apple originating in Russia and brought to this country in 1870. Fruit medium sized and distinctly lobed in appearance. The thin, pale yellow skin in nearly covered with bright red and crimson splashes and stripes. White flesh is often tinged with red streaks and is coarse, crisp, moderately juicy and briskly subacid in flavor. Ripens late June to early July, depending on location.

Red Astrachan Fruit
Red Astrachan Bloom
  1. Margaret Griffes
    Margaret Griffes10-14-2015

    I am looking for a Red Astrachan apple tree. Preferable on M9 or rootstock that makes it more resistant. Zone 5 in Denver area. Would prefer dwarf.

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner10-20-2015

      We’re very sorry, Margaret, but we are sold out of Red Astrachan trees for this season. We’ll be grafting Red Astrachan next spring and would be happy to accept your order for delivery next fall. Contact us for more information. Thanks for writing.

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