Rusty Coat

An old, well-known variety popular in the South. The true origins are difficult to trace as any old Southern apple with heavy russet on the outer skin was typically called “Rusty Coat.” This apple is probably identical to Keener Seedling. Small to medium in size with dark greenish-yellow skin and indistinct red striping overlaid with a heavy, coarse russet coat. Flesh is crisp, tender and somewhat dry with a pleasant, sweet nutty flavor. Ripens late September to early October.

Rusty Coat Fruit
  1. Joe Hatley
    Joe Hatley09-22-2015

    I am looking to buy the Rusty Coat apple, not the tree. Do you know of any place that sells on line the apples? I live in North Carolina. Thanks. Joe

    • Ron Joyner
      Ron Joyner09-24-2015

      Hi Joe,
      We will be picking our Rusty Coat (aka Keener Seedling) apples next week. However, if you wanted to buy the apples, you would have to visit us at the Ashe County Farmers’ Market next Saturday. We do not ship fresh apples.

      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Christy Sain
    Christy Sain07-14-2019


    I was looking into some ancestry documents and my great great great (maybe one more) grandfather gave everyone in our family a “rust apple tree”. Do you have any idea what this apple might be (rusty coat maybe) and if you carry them??

    Thanks so much

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