Cider Apples

  • Bulmer’s Norman

    Bulmer’s Norman was an unnamed bittersweet cider apple discovered in Normandy, France and imported into Hereford, England by HP Bulmer & Co., Ltd. in the late 1800’s. Known for the intensity of its hard and bitter tannin, Bulmer’s Norman adds significant body and texture when …

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  • Stoke Red

    Stoke Red

    A bittersharp English cider apple which gained attention in the 1920’s when surveys found trees growing in Rodney Stoke, England. It produces a sharp juice with a distinctive astringency, qualities favored for producing fine, sharp English cider. The tree is vigorous and a heavy cropper, …

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  • Cap of Liberty

    Cap of Liberty

    A very old vintage bittersharp cider apple dating to the 13th and 14th Centuries. Although at its best when blended with a sweet cider variety like Sweet Coppin or bittersweet selections such as Dabinett, Yarlington Mill or Tremlett’s Bitter, Cap of Liberty will make a …

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  • Foxwhelp


    One of the oldest and better-known European cider apples, Foxwhelp can be traced back to the 17th Century where it is believed to have originated in Gloucester, England. It is said that the tree arose near a fox’s den, thus the name. A vintage bittersharp, …

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  • Virginia Beauty

    Virginia Beauty

    Also known as: Zach, Zach Red Once a very well known and desirable apple rivaling Red Delicious for popularity, Virginia Beauty is now a rare apple. The apple originated from a seed planted in 1810 in the backyard of Zach Safewright in the Piper’s Gap …

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  • Ozark Gold

    This apple is a cross of A1291 and Golden Delicious and was developed at the Missouri State Agricultural Experimental Station and introduced in 1970. It is similar in flavor and appearance to Golden Delicious but ripens about three weeks earlier. It bears young and shows …

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  • Yates


    Also known as: Yates Winter, Red Warrior, Jates, Ferguson Late Yates originated with Matthew Yates of Fayette County, Georgia, around 1844. Long a popular Southern favorite prized for its fine flavor and long keeping qualities. Excellent cider apple. Grows well in all regions from the …

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  • Yarlington Mill

    Yarlington Mill

    A very old English cider apple which originated in the 19th century in Yarlington, West Cadbury where it was found growing out of a wall near a water wheel. It produces a fine bittersweet cider with a good aroma and flavor. Fruit is small with …

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  • Winter Jon

    Winter Jon

    Also known as: Winter John, Sour Jon A fine old mountain apple of unknown origin grown in the Southern Appalachians for generations. Long noted as an excellent cooking variety, Winter Jon is also superb for cider making. Its rather tart flavor blends well with sweeter cider varieties. Fruit …

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  • Winesap


    Also known as: Holland’s Red Winter, Blacktwig, Winter Winesap, Royal Red, Texan Red, Old Fashion Winesap, Potpie, Refugee, Wine Sop, Banana, Dukes Winesap(?) Probably the most popular apple in the South but is of northern heritage. Originated in New Jersey around 1800 and has given …

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