Cider Apples

  • Blenheim Orange

    Blenheim Orange

    Also known as: Blenheim, Blenheimsrenett, Blooming Orange, Blenheim Pippin, Gloucester Pippin, Orange Pippin, Prince of Wales, Ward’s Pippin, Woodstock, Woodstock Pippin A very lovely apple which originated in 1740 at Woodstock near Blenheim in Oxfordshire, England. It first began to receive recognition in 1818 and …

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  • Blacktwig


    Also known as: Mammoth Blacktwig, Paragon, Twitty’s Paragon, Arkansas, Big Blacktwig, Thorpe’s Blacktwig, Pamplin’s Eclipse There is much controversy concerning the origin and true name of Blacktwig. Once thought to be a synonym of Winesap, over the years confusion has reigned regarding its relationship to …

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  • Baldwin

    Also known as: Baldwin Rosenapfel, Baldwin’s Rother Pippin, Red Baldwin Pippin, Woodpecker, Butters, Steele’s Red Winter, Flech Once one of the largest selling commercial varieties in the northeast, Baldwin was replaced by McIntosh and other varieties when several million Baldwin trees were killed by a …

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  • Ashmead's Kernel

    Ashmead’s Kernel

    An apple of English origin and one of the best high-quality dessert apples available. It originated about 1700 in the gardens of Thomas Ashmead of Gloucester, England. Though not considered an attractive apple, the tremendous flavor more than compensates for its appearance. The flavor has …

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  • Abram


    Also known as: Abraham, Father Abram, Father Abraham, Red Abram, Abram’s Pippin, Florentiner Although listed in 1755 in a Virginia newspaper, the true origin of Abram is unclear. It is a very fine keeper and was once widely grown in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. …

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  • Spigold Fruit


    A true connoisseur variety, Spigold is an apple of the highest quality and flavor. It is not a true heirloom apple, being released by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in 1962, but is an apple that should be included in all home orchards. A …

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  • Arkansas Black Fruit

    Arkansas Black

    Originated from a Winesap seedling in an orchard in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1870. Arkansas Black is a beautiful dark red to almost black apple and considered to be one of the best storage apples. The fruit ripens late November and is rock-hard when harvested, but …

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  • Brown-Snout Fruit

    Brown Snout

    The name for this apple derives from the distinctive “brown eye” at the base of the apple. Brown Snout was discovered in 1850 on the farm of Mr. Dent of Yarkhill, Herefords in England. This cider apple produces a sweet, slightly astringent juice and makes …

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