Cider Apples

  • Virginia Gold

    Virginia Gold

    Developed around 1976 by George Oberle at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia. It is a cross of Newtown Pippin and Golden Delicious, with a flavor characteristic of Newtown Pippin. It reaches its peak flavor after storage for several months. The smooth, clear skin is …

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  • Vandevere


    Also known as: Fall Vandevere, Ox Eye, Gibbon’s Smokehouse, Gray Vandevere, Green Vandevere, Vandiver, Imperial Vandevere, Lasting Vandevere, Mill Creek, Old Vandevere, Pennsylvania Vandevere, Red Vandevere, Staalcubs, Stalcubs, Striped Vandevere, Vandervere, Watson’s Vandevere, White Vandevere, Yellow Vandevere, Little Vandevere, Longbottom(?), Ashmore(?) Origin is unclear, but …

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  • Tremlett’s Bitter

    A well known classic English cider apple which was first noted in the Exe Valley in Devon in the 19th century. The fruit produces a sweet, astringent, high tannin juice which makes a full bittersweet cider. Excellent used in blends with other sweet cider varieties. …

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  • Tolman Sweet

    Tolman Sweet

    Also known as: Brown’s Golden Sweet, Tallman Sweeting, Tolman’s Sweeting, Tolman A very old American apple thought to have originated in Dorchester, Massachusetts, but the true date of origin is unknown. The tree grows well, is very hardy, long-lived and once very popular in home …

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  • Tetofsky

    Also known as: Tetofski, Russian Crab An apple of Russian origin first imported into this country from England by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1835. Used primarily as a cooking apple as it is very acid until fully ripened. A natural dwarf tree with great …

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  • Tenderskin


    Also known as: Tender Peeling, Thin Skin(?), Tender Rind(?) Originated in South Carolina in the 1850’s and sold as an all-purpose apple for eating, cooking, and cider. Fruit size is below medium with clear yellow skin overlaid with red stripes and splashes. The fine-grained yellow …

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  • Sweet Coppin

    Sweet Coppin

    A pure sweet European cider apple which arose in Devon, England in the early 18th century. A pale yellow apple with soft, sweet flesh with low tannin and low acid. Produces a good quality juice with no astringency, making a sweet to very mildly bittersweet …

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  • Sweet Alford

    A vintage sweet to mild bittersweet cider apple which originated in Devon, England, sometime in the 18th century. A small, pale yellow apple which produces sweet juice and mild bittersweet cider of high quality. Print

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  • Stayman


    Also known as: Stayman Winesap Stayman is a progeny of Winesap and like its well known and historic parent, is an apple of the highest quality. The apple arose in 1866 when Dr. J. Stayman planted seeds of Winesap on his farm in Leavenworth, Kansas. …

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  • Sops of Wine

    Sops of Wine

    Also known as: Bell’s Favorite, Bell’s Early, Hominy, Sops in Wine, Bennington Dodge’s Early Red, Early Washington, Homing, Pie Apple, Red Shropasvine, Strawberry, Warden’s Pie Apple, Worden’s Pie Apple Formerly sold in the South as Hominy, Sops of Wine is described as an excellent early …

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