Cider Apples

  • Smith Seedling

    Smith Seedling

    This apple arose with the Smith family of Francisco in Stokes County, North Carolina before the start of the Civil War. It was grown commercially by Garland Smith around 1900 in a large orchard containing over 2000 trees. The apples were sold by Mr. Smith …

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  • Smith’s Cider

    Also known as: Cider, Cider Apple, Poplar Bluff, Choice Kentuck, Fowler, Fuller, Jackson Winesap, Pennsylvania Cider, Smith’s An excellent cider apple that is also very good for eating out-of-hand. Believed to have originated in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the 1800’s. Fruit is medium to large …

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  • Shenandoah


    This is a very fine, but little known apple of recent origin, developed in 1942. Created by George D. Oberle, noted apple breeder in the 1940’s and 50’s at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia. Dr. Oberle was also involved in the development and release …

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  • Roxbury Russet

    Roxbury Russet

    Also known as: Boston Russet, Russet Golden, Leather Coat, Putnam Russet, Shippen’s Russet, Belpre Russet, Marietta Russet, Sylvan Russet, Hewe’s Russet, Warner Russet Roxbury Russet is perhaps the most popular russet apple grown in the south. It is the oldest American apple and was introduced …

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  • Rome Beauty

    Rome Beauty

    Also known as: Rome, Gillett’s Seedling, Foust’s Rome Beauty, Phoenix, Royal Red, Starbuck, Roman Beauty One of the most important US commercial varieties for many years, Rome Beauty is considered one of the best cooking and processing varieties available. It originated around 1817 when Zebulon …

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  • Ribston Pippin

    Also known as: Ribston, Reinette Grenade Anglaise, Travers Pippin, Essex Pippin, Beautiful Pippin, Formosa, Glory of York, Ribstone, Rockhill’s Russet, Travers A very high quality English dessert apple first discovered at Ribston Hall near Knaresborough, Yorkshire. It is believed to have originated from seeds brought …

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  • Rhode Island Greening

    Rhode Island Greening

    Also known as: Burlington, Burlington Greening, Russine, Greening, Ganges, Green Newtown Pippin, Green Winter Pippin, Jersey Greening, Yellow Sweeting(?) This historic old American apple originated about 1650 at Green’s End, Newport, Rhode Island. At the end of the 19th century, it was one of New …

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  • Porter's Perfection

    Porter’s Perfection

    A high quality bittersharp cider apple which originated in the orchard of Charles Porter of East Lambrook, Somerset, sometime during the 19th century. Introduced in 1907 and was soon widely propagated throughout Somerset. It produces a sharp juice with little astringency. Ripens late October to …

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  • Parmer


    Also known as: Parmar, Yellow Flat An apple of Virginia origin arising sometime in the 18th century, but never very well known or widely distributed. It is quite an attractive yellow apple popular for making a thick, dark yellow applesauce. It was also very popular …

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  • Parks' Pippin

    Parks’ Pippin

    Also known as: Gilmer Pippin This apple originated about 1850 on the farm of Monroe Parks of North Georgia and has been a very popular variety in that state for years. It is most valued for its cooking qualities, being too tart for fresh eating …

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