Cold Climate Apples

  • Tolman Sweet

    Tolman Sweet

    Also known as: Brown’s Golden Sweet, Tallman Sweeting, Tolman’s Sweeting, Tolman A very old American apple thought to have originated in Dorchester, Massachusetts, but the true date of origin is unknown. The tree grows well, is very hardy, long-lived and once very popular in home …

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  • Tetofsky

    Also known as: Tetofski, Russian Crab An apple of Russian origin first imported into this country from England by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1835. Used primarily as a cooking apple as it is very acid until fully ripened. A natural dwarf tree with great …

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  • Sugarloaf Pippin

    Also known as: Early Sugar Loaf, Sugar Loaf Greening, Hutching’s Seedling Some early literature indicates this apple originated in England but most likely it arose in Russia. It was a popular apple widely grown in the Ohio Valley in the 1880’s and was believed to …

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  • Spencer

    Although not exactly an antique or heirloom variety, Spencer is a high-quality dessert apple that has not received the attention that it deserves. A cross of McIntosh and Golden Delicious, it was developed in 1926 at the British Columbia Experimental Station in Summerland and released …

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  • Swaar

    Also known as: Hardwick The name means “heavy” in Dutch and was first raised by Dutch settlers in the Hudson Valley in the 1700’s. A fine dessert apple which softens and improves in flavor dramatically after being in storage. Requires a very fertile soil to …

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  • Sutton’s Beauty

    Also known as: Beauty, Sutton, Morris Red, Steele’s Red A high-quality dessert apple which originated in 1848 in Sutton, Massachusetts. It was once raised as a commercial variety in New York around 1900. A productive but biennial variety occasionally susceptible to fireblight. Fruit is medium-sized …

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  • Stump


    According to Calhoun (1995), there are three described varieties of Stump, leading to some confusion over the identification of this apple. One Stump apple was sold in the late 1800’s in Kentucky as a seedling of Newtown Pippin. This variety is extinct. Another Stump is …

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  • Stayman


    Also known as: Stayman Winesap Stayman is a progeny of Winesap and like its well known and historic parent, is an apple of the highest quality. The apple arose in 1866 when Dr. J. Stayman planted seeds of Winesap on his farm in Leavenworth, Kansas. …

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  • Snow


    Also known as: Fameuse, Red American, Royal Snow, Snow Chimney, Chimney Apple, Pomme de Neige, Chimney Point A very old and very attractive dark red apple brought to America in the 1700’s by early French settlers, probably as seedlings from Canada. The apple was noted …

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  • Scott’s Winter

    Also known as: Scott’s Red Winter, Wilcox’s Winter Scott’s Winter originated in 1864 on the Scott farm of Newport, Vermont. It is an attractive red apple well-suited for cooking when under-ripe due to its high acid content. When fully ripe, it is a very fine …

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