Cold Climate Apples

  • Roxbury Russet

    Roxbury Russet

    Also known as: Boston Russet, Russet Golden, Leather Coat, Putnam Russet, Shippen’s Russet, Belpre Russet, Marietta Russet, Sylvan Russet, Hewe’s Russet, Warner Russet Roxbury Russet is perhaps the most popular russet apple grown in the south. It is the oldest American apple and was introduced …

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  • Rome Beauty

    Rome Beauty

    Also known as: Rome, Gillett’s Seedling, Foust’s Rome Beauty, Phoenix, Royal Red, Starbuck, Roman Beauty One of the most important US commercial varieties for many years, Rome Beauty is considered one of the best cooking and processing varieties available. It originated around 1817 when Zebulon …

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  • Rhode Island Greening

    Rhode Island Greening

    Also known as: Burlington, Burlington Greening, Russine, Greening, Ganges, Green Newtown Pippin, Green Winter Pippin, Jersey Greening, Yellow Sweeting(?) This historic old American apple originated about 1650 at Green’s End, Newport, Rhode Island. At the end of the 19th century, it was one of New …

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  • Red Astrachan

    Red Astrachan

    Also known as: Red Ashmore, Abe Lincoln, Captain, American Red, Hamper’s American, Waterloo, Beauty of Wales, Castle Leno Pippin, Deterding’s Early, Duke of Devon Second only to Winesap as the most widely sold Southern apple and at one time was one of the most widely …

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  • Ramsdell Sweet

    Also known as: Ramsdale’s Red Pumpkin Sweet, English Sweet, Hurlbut, Avery Sweet, Hurlbut Sweet, Ramsdell Ramsdell Sweet originated in Connecticut, and, although a fine, attractive fresh eating apple, was not widely sold by southern nurseries. It was introduced by Rev. H. S. Ramsdell of Thompson, …

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  • Pumpkin Sweet

    Pumpkin Sweet

    Also known as: Pound Sweet, Pound Sweeting, Pumpkin Sweeting, Rhode Island Sweet, Round Sweet, Vermont Sweet, Lyman’s Pumpkin Sweet, Sweet Pumpkin, Yankee Apple, Vermont Pumpkin Sweet The name for this apple is derived from its large size and yellowish-orange color. It originated in 1800’s in …

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  • Primate


    Also known as: July Apple, Harvest Apple, Belle Rose, Early Tart Harvest, North American Best, Powers, Rough and Ready, Round and Ready, Scott, Sour Harvest, Zour Bough Primate is a high-quality apple which originated about 1840 on the farm of Calvin D. Bingham of Camillus, …

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  • Priestly


    Also known as: Priestly’s American, Red Cathead, Bartlett Priestly originated in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and was first described in 1817. A fine fresh eating apple noted for its keeping ability, staying fresh and quite juicy until late spring. The tree is vigorous, productive and a …

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  • Porter


    Also known as: Jennings, Yellow Summer Pearmain One of many apples of northern origin that gained popularity in the South for its many fine cooking and eating qualities. It originated around 1800 in Sherburne, Massachusetts and was named for Rev. Samuel Porter who first grew …

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  • Pomme Gris

    Pomme Gris

    Also known as: Gray Apple, Pomme Grise, Grise, French Russet, Leather Apple of Turic, Leather Coat Pomme Gris may have originated with the French people of the St. Lawrence valley in Canada, but it is also possible it came into Canada from Europe. Although not …

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