Cold Climate Apples

  • Pilot

    Also known as: Virginia Pilot Pilot is a wonderful old Virginia apple which originated about 1830 on the farm of John Lobban at the base of Pilot Mountain in Nelson Co., Virginia. Thought to be extinct, it was discovered by our friend, Tom Burford, in …

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  • Pewaukee

    In the mid-1800’s, George P. Peffer of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, crossed Duchess of Oldenburg with Northern Spy to produce Pewaukee. It is a good dessert and cooking apple and is most noted for its winter hardiness, a trait inherited from its parent, Duchess of Oldenburg. Though …

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  • Peck’s Pleasant

    Also known as: Peck, Dutch Greening, Watts Apple, Waltz Apple This is a very fine dessert apple originating in Rhode Island in the early 1800’s. Fruit is medium to large with a variable shape, often with a distinctive furrow on one side. Skin is mostly …

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  • Northern Spy

    Also known as: Northern Spice, Spy, Northern Pie Apple, Red Spy, Red Northern Spy A superb apple of Northern heritage which attains its greatest potential as a mountain grown apple. When grown in warmer areas it lacks the crispness and flavor of fruit grown in …

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  • McIntosh


    Also known as: McIntosh Red, Mac The most important commercial variety grown in the north for years, McIntosh is also a fine apple long grown and admired in many regions of the south. It was discovered in 1811 as a young seedling tree in Dundas …

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  • Mann

    Also known as: Diltz, Deiltz Originated as a chance seedling in 1850 in the orchard of Judge Mooney of Oswego County, New York. It was introduced into Niagara County, New York by a Dr. Mann and later named for him by the Western New York …

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  • Lowland Raspberry

    Lowland Raspberry

    Also known as: Liveland Raspberry, Livland Raspberry, Red Cheek This apple is one of many old American favorites of Russian origin. It arose in the province of Lievland (Lithuania) and was introduced into the United States in 1883. The flesh is fine-grained, juicy and very …

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  • Swiss Limbertwig

    Swiss Limbertwig

    A very beautiful apple with an appealing maroon color. Originated with early Swiss settlers in the Cumberland Mountains. Ripens in October and is a good keeper. Print

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  • Ruby Limbertwig

    Ruby Limbertwig

    A very obscure Limbertwig from the collection of the late Robert Dudney of Gainesboro, Tennessee. Ruby Limbertwig is like many of the fine Limbertwig varieties which arose in very remote areas of the Appalachians. Though extremely popular within their area of origin, they were rarely …

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  • Royal Limbertwig

    Also known as: Carolina Baldwin(?), Imperial Limbertwig(?), Goosepen(?) This apple somewhat resembles the better-known Red Limbertwig but is a larger apple and does not store as well as Red Limbertwig. As described from growth trials at the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station in 1896, …

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