Fresh Eating Apples

  • Harrison

    Also known as: Newark, Orange Cider Apple Harrison is a classic American cider apple first described in 1817 in Coxe’s, “A View of the Cultivation of Fruit Trees in America”. Lost for generations, noted apple historian Tom Burford discovered a 75 year-old tree in New …

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  • Hackworth


    Also known as: All Summer, Frederick(?) A long-time popular variety that most likely originated with Dr. Nichodemus Hackworth (1816-1893) of Morgan County, Alabama. A letter sent to the USDA by T.W. Dermington of Lavonia, Georgia, in 1907 stated that the apple arose as a chance …

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  • Haas


    Also known as: Fall Queen, Maryland Queen, Hoss, Haas Apple, Gros Pommier Haas originated with Gabriel Cerre of St. Louis, Missouri in the 1800’s. According to Beach (1905), it was widely disseminated throughout the Midwest and Southwest where it was recognized as one of the …

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  • Guyandotte Pippin

    Guyandotte Pippin

    Also known as: Guyandotte, Guyan From a descriptive account by James R. Hall of Logan, West Virginia, as presented in Lee Calhoun’s book: “A local seedling was found 200 yards from the Guyandotte River and bears small to medium size, all-red, somewhat elongated apples. We …

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  • Grimes Golden

    Grimes Golden

    Also known as: Grimes Golden Pippin, Bellflower Considered one of the finest American apples ever, Grimes Golden originated in 1790 near the town of Wellsburg in Brooke Co., West Virginia, where today a granite monument still stands in recognition of this outstanding apple. Grimes Golden …

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  • Green River

    A local apple from the extensive collection of Herbert Childress of Dunnville, Kentucky. Mr. Childress describes it as a “very large, red-striped apple which ripens in the fall. The flesh is tender, juicy and medium acid. An excellent apple.”   Print

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  • Green Pippin

    Green Pippin

    This apple is said to have originated in Indiana in the 1800’s, but was certainly grown in the southern Appalachians for many years prior to this time. This large, roundish apple has green skin which turns a greenish-yellow when fully ripe. The white aromatic flesh …

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  • Bullet

    Green Cheese

    Also known as: Carolina Greening, Crank, Green, Green Crank, Greening, Southern Golden Pippin, Southern Greening, Southern Pippin, Turner’s Cheese, Winter Greening, Winter Cheese, Yellow Crank A very old classic southern apple dating to the 1700’s. It is thought to have originated in North Carolina or …

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  • Gravenstein


    Also known as: Banks Red Gravenstein, Early Congress, Ohio Nonpareil, Sabine, Harryman, Tom Harryman, Banks A very old apple of European origin believed to have originated in the 1600’s with Duke Augustenberg of Castle Graefenstein ( Gravenstein) in Germany. It was introduced into the United …

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  • Granny Smith

    Granny Smith

    Granny Smith is a fine commercial apple originating in Australia in 1868. It is one of the few all-green apples that have gained popularity in the American market. It is a good keeper and considered by many to be one of the best cooking apples, …

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