Fresh Eating Apples

  • Wealthy

    Originated in 1860 in Excelsior, Minnesota from the seeds of the Cherry Crab. Widely popular in the South due to its hardiness and early bearing abilities. When grown in colder areas it is a good keeper; otherwise considered a poor keeper. Skin is pale greenish-yellow …

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  • Washington Strawberry

    Also known as: Juniata, Washington, Washington County Seedling This colorful, attractive apple originated in New York in 1849 and was sold by Georgia nurseries from 1885 to 1902. The tree is vigorous and is a heavy, dependable bearer. Fruit is large and roundish-conical with waxy …

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  • Virginia Sweet

    Virginia Sweet

    A beautiful apple of unknown origin but which certainly, based on its name, must have originated in Virginia. A very striking apple in appearance with deep, rich red skin, overlaid with large and distinctive irregular russet dots which cover the surface of the fruit. The …

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  • Virginia Greening

    Virginia Greening

    Also known as: Green Mountain Pippin, Ross Greening, Virginia Blush, Rose Greening, Virginia Apple, Virginia Pippin(?), Virginia Winter(?) A very old southern apple thought to have come out of Virginia in the 1700’s, but its true origin is unclear. Interestingly, Virginia Greening was never recorded …

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  • Virginia Gold

    Virginia Gold

    Developed around 1976 by George Oberle at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia. It is a cross of Newtown Pippin and Golden Delicious, with a flavor characteristic of Newtown Pippin. It reaches its peak flavor after storage for several months. The smooth, clear skin is …

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  • Vine

    Also known as: Vine Apple Originated in Virginia in late 1890’s and very popular throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Name taken from thin, wiry growth of tree said to resemble a grapevine. Medium size, conical fruit with distinct lobes. Skin is rough, yellow with red …

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  • Van Hoy No Core

    Also known as: Vanhoy, Van Hay’s No Core, Van Hoy’s No Core A fine winter apple of North Carolina origin distinguished by its very small core which contains few, if any, seeds. Calhoun says that some growers believe Van Hoy No Core may be identical …

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  • Vandevere


    Also known as: Fall Vandevere, Ox Eye, Gibbon’s Smokehouse, Gray Vandevere, Green Vandevere, Vandiver, Imperial Vandevere, Lasting Vandevere, Mill Creek, Old Vandevere, Pennsylvania Vandevere, Red Vandevere, Staalcubs, Stalcubs, Striped Vandevere, Vandervere, Watson’s Vandevere, White Vandevere, Yellow Vandevere, Little Vandevere, Longbottom(?), Ashmore(?) Origin is unclear, but …

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  • Twenty Ounce

    Twenty Ounce

    Also known as: Aurora, Blessing, Cayuga Red Streak, Coleman, Dunlap’s Aurora, Eighteen Ounce, Governor Seward, Lima, Morgan’s Favorite, Wine, Congress(?) Originating in New York in the early 1800’s, Twenty Ounce is a very large, showy fruit and an excellent cooking apple. Cooks easily and makes …

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  • Tony

    Also known as: Tony Apple This is a wonderful North Carolina apple with a great story behind it. A local apple once widely grown in Rowan, Stanly and Cabarrus counties in central North Carolina, Tony is high-quality apple considered by many to be one of …

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