Fresh Eating Apples

  • Bullet

    Also known as: Bullett, Green Abram, North Carolina Greening Bullet originated in the South in the 1800’s and was sold by several North Carolina nurseries from the 1850’s to the early 1900’s. Lee Calhoun says Bullet may be identical to North Carolina Keeper, another fine …

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  • Honeycrisp


    One of the few modern contemporary apples we offer, Honeycrisp is an outstanding dessert apple we highly recommend for colder climates. Unfortunately, the apple does not perform well in hotter, more humid climates. Honeycrisp was developed from a cross of Macoun and Honeygold, as part …

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  • Tucker


    Also known as: Tucker Everbearing Once believed to be extinct, this low chill apple was rediscovered in 1997 by Lee Calhoun near Greensboro, North Carolina, the area where the apple first originated. According to a 1920 catalog from the J. Van Lindley Nursery of Greensboro, …

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  • Mary McKinney

    Mary McKinney

    Discovered and raised by the late Swansie Shepherd near our hometown of Lansing, North Carolina. Swansie was a highly respected high school agricultural teacher here in Ashe County who raised hundreds of apples and acres of blueberries. The original tree was found by Swansie in …

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  • Cranberry Pippin

    Cranberry Pippin

    Cranberry Pippin arose near Hudson, New York in the 1840’s and gained attention for its large size, bright red color and outstanding keeping qualities. The tree is very hardy and vigorous and demonstrates good resistance to apple scab, making it a good selection for areas …

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  • York Imperial

    York Imperial

    Also known as: Johnson’s Fine Winter, York, Shep One of the most important commercial processing apples in Virginia, York Imperial is also the leading apple variety in Pennsylvania. Originating in York, Pennsylvania in the 1800’s on the farm of a Mr. Johnson, York Imperial soon …

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  • Yellow Transparent

    Yellow Transparent

    Also known as: Early Transparent, Russian Transparent, Early June, Early June Transparent, White Transparent(?), Charlottenthaler(?), Thaler(?), “Skin Tongue” One of many old Southern apples of Russian origin brought into this country in 1870 by the USDA. Resistant to cedar apple rust and scab and can …

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  • Yellow June

    Yellow June

    Also known as: White June, Hoover June, White Juneating(?) An apple of unknown southern origin, resembling Early Harvest and frequently mistaken for this variety, but with an earlier ripening time than Early Harvest. Fruit medium-sized, roundish, with thin pale yellow or greenish-yellow skin. Skin is …

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  • Yellow Bellflower

    Yellow Bellflower

    Also known as: Fall Bellflower, Lady Washington, Yellow Sheepnose, Belle Fleur, Bellflower, Warren Pippin, Sheepnose, Lincoln Pippin, Mrs. Barron, Bishop Pippin Yellow Bellflower originated in the early 1800’s in Burlington, New Jersey. Medium size fruit is conical, often ribbed, with distinctive knobs at the calyx …

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  • Yates


    Also known as: Yates Winter, Red Warrior, Jates, Ferguson Late Yates originated with Matthew Yates of Fayette County, Georgia, around 1844. Long a popular Southern favorite prized for its fine flavor and long keeping qualities. Excellent cider apple. Grows well in all regions from the …

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