Fresh Eating Apples

  • Tompkins County King

    Tompkins County King

    Also known as: King, Winter King, Flat Spitzenburg, Tommy Red, King of Tompkins County, King Thompson, Toma Red, Tom’s Red Tompkins County King is a very high quality apple that grows well in the south only in the mountains. It originated in Warren County, New …

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  • Tolman Sweet

    Tolman Sweet

    Also known as: Brown’s Golden Sweet, Tallman Sweeting, Tolman’s Sweeting, Tolman A very old American apple thought to have originated in Dorchester, Massachusetts, but the true date of origin is unknown. The tree grows well, is very hardy, long-lived and once very popular in home …

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  • Tetofsky

    Also known as: Tetofski, Russian Crab An apple of Russian origin first imported into this country from England by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1835. Used primarily as a cooking apple as it is very acid until fully ripened. A natural dwarf tree with great …

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  • Terry Winter

    Terry Winter

    Also known as: Terry, Winter Terry, Terry Winter Pippin, Hustler An excellent old southern apple noted for its long-keeping abilities. It originated before the Civil War with a Mr. Terry of Fulton County, Georgia, and was soon widely sold throughout Georgia and neighboring states. Medium-sized …

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  • Tenderskin


    Also known as: Tender Peeling, Thin Skin(?), Tender Rind(?) Originated in South Carolina in the 1850’s and sold as an all-purpose apple for eating, cooking, and cider. Fruit size is below medium with clear yellow skin overlaid with red stripes and splashes. The fine-grained yellow …

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  • Taylor Sweet

    A fairly uncommon local apple grown in Yancey County, North Carolina and discovered by Lee Calhoun after being contacted by Arnold Proffitt and his sister Audrey Davenport. Mr. Proffitt says this apple was grown on his farm when his father was a young boy making …

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  • Tarbutton


    Our friend, Joyce Neighbors of Gadsden, Alabama, noted apple collector from whom we obtained this old apple, says the Tarbutton is an old variety first described in a 1982-1983 catalog of Lawson’s Nursery in Ball Ground, Georgia. According to Jim Lawson this apple probably originated …

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  • Tanyard Seedling

    Tanyard Seedling

    This is an old, local heirloom originating in the mountains of north Georgia and still sold by Lawson’s Nursery of Ball Ground, Georgia. It is most noted for its late bloom, offering protection from late spring frosts. Fruit is medium with clear yellow skin. Ripens …

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  • Sugarloaf Pippin

    Also known as: Early Sugar Loaf, Sugar Loaf Greening, Hutching’s Seedling Some early literature indicates this apple originated in England but most likely it arose in Russia. It was a popular apple widely grown in the Ohio Valley in the 1880’s and was believed to …

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  • Spencer

    Although not exactly an antique or heirloom variety, Spencer is a high-quality dessert apple that has not received the attention that it deserves. A cross of McIntosh and Golden Delicious, it was developed in 1926 at the British Columbia Experimental Station in Summerland and released …

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