Early Season Apples

  • Sweet Bough

    Also known as: Bough Apple, Large Yellow Bough, Sweet Harvest, Bough, Early Sweet Bough, Washington, August Bough, August Sweeting, Boughsweet, Bow, Cane Mash, Early Sweet, Early Sweetheart, July Bough, Large Bough, Large Early Bough, Large Sweet Bough, Niack Pippin, Pound’s July, Watermelon(?), Summer Bough(?) This …

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  • Summer Rose

    Summer Rose

    Also known as: Glass Apple, Lippincott, Woolman’s Striped Harvest, Simm’s Harvest, Wolman’s Harvest, Woolman’s Early, French Reinette, Harvest Apple, Symm’s Harvest, Striped June(?) Summer Rose is a very high quality, early season apple originating in New Jersey in the early 1800’s. It compares favorably with …

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  • Summer Queen

    Also known as: Early Queen, Orange Apple, Queen, Lancaster Queen, Pole Cat, Sharpe’s Early, Swett’s Harvest, Sweet’s Harvest Summer Queen is a very popular southern apple variety which originated in New Jersey in the 1800’s. It is a very productive tree and is a late …

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  • Summer Orange

    Summer Orange

    In the early 1980’s, Lee Calhoun rediscovered this old North Carolina apple growing in a homeowner’s field in Chatham County, NC. From 1920 – 1928, Summer Orange was listed in an old catalog from a small nursery located in Chatham Co. It apparently was grown …

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  • Summer King

    Summer King

    Also known as: King, Kentucky Summer Queen, August Apple, Bounty, Puckett’s Summer, Cheese, Puckett, Summer Cheese, Summer King of Kerr A very fine and attractive apple brought into Kentucky from North Carolina in the early 1800’s. It became known as King in Kentucky and was …

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  • Summer Champion

    Summer Champion

    Also known as: Holland, Kincaid Summer Champion is one of the few apples to have originated in the warm regions of Texas. The apple originated in 1923 at the home of J. W. Kincaid of Weatherford, Texas. Originally known as Kincaid, the apple’s name was …

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  • Starr

    Also known as: Star in the East, Star, Early Greening Historically, there has been some confusion between Starr and Star, both of which at one time were considered as separate apples. However, in his research for his excellent book, Calhoun states that they are probably …

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  • Sops of Wine

    Sops of Wine

    Also known as: Bell’s Favorite, Bell’s Early, Hominy, Sops in Wine, Bennington Dodge’s Early Red, Early Washington, Homing, Pie Apple, Red Shropasvine, Strawberry, Warden’s Pie Apple, Worden’s Pie Apple Formerly sold in the South as Hominy, Sops of Wine is described as an excellent early …

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  • San Jacinto

    A very early season apple which originated in Georgia sometime before 1900. The story goes that Dr. A.M. Ragland of Pilot Point, Texas, bought some apple trees from the Fruitland Nursery of Augusta, Georgia, which were labeled as the variety “Mrs. Bryan.” Several years later …

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  • Red Astrachan

    Red Astrachan

    Also known as: Red Ashmore, Abe Lincoln, Captain, American Red, Hamper’s American, Waterloo, Beauty of Wales, Castle Leno Pippin, Deterding’s Early, Duke of Devon Second only to Winesap as the most widely sold Southern apple and at one time was one of the most widely …

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