Early Season Apples

  • Calvin

    According to history, Calvin was brought from Virginia to Kentucky over a hundred years ago. It was highly popular as a cider and brandy apple, but is also a fine, fresh eating apple. Jim Lawson of Lawson’s Nursery in Georgia sold this variety for years. …

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  • Brogden


    A fine apple of the Deep South brought to our notice by our friend and fellow apple collector, Joyce Neighbors of Gadsden, Alabama. The tree originated by a roadside in southern Alabama around 1945 where a road crew took notice of this fine flavored and …

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  • Bismark Fruit


    Also known as: Bismark, Prince Bismarck The origin of Bismarck is uncertain, but thought to have arisen in Canterbury, New Zealand and brought into Germany in the 1800’s where it was named for German Chancellor, Prince Bismarck. One unique feature is its dwarfish growing habit, …

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  • Bietigheimer

    Also known as: Beitigheimer, Red Bietigheimer A very old, very large and colorful apple of German origin. Bietigheimer was first described in Europe in 1598, where it was known as Roter Stettiner. It was brought into this country in the 1880’s. Because of its large …

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  • Bevans Favorite Fruit

    Bevan’s Favorite

    Also known as: Early Bevan, Striped June, Bivins A once popular early summer apple, Bevan’s Favorite originated in Salem, New Jersey in 1842. It became a Southern favorite and was widely distributed in North Carolina as late as the 1930’s before fading into obscurity. Lee …

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  • Benoni

    Also known as: Fail-Me-Never An early season variety originating in Dedham, Massachusetts around 1832. A high-quality dessert apple with smooth yellowish-orange skin mostly covered with bright red and deep carmine striping. The yellow flesh is fine-grained, crisp and juicy, light, fairly soft, with a mild …

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  • Benham


    Also known as: Claiborne, Benum, Benam, Brown, Yearry, Nat Ewing Benham originated in Tennessee in the late 1800’s and soon became widespread throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina. An excellent apple for freezing or drying as the cut fruit is slow to turn …

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  • Aunt Rachel

    Aunt Rachel

    According to Masters (2005), this variety performs well in the Piedmont of South Carolina. Originated as local apple in Chatham County, North Carolina. Fruit begins ripening early in the season and continues for two to three weeks. One of the best early season apples, Aunt …

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  • American Summer Pearmain Fruit

    American Summer Pearmain

    Also known as: American Pearmain, Early Summer Pearmain, Watkin’s Early, Summer Pearmain A very old variety dating to 1816 or earlier. Apple is medium sized and somewhat oblong in shape. Skin is yellow striped with red. This is an early blooming variety and matures late …

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  • Carolina-Red-June

    Carolina Red June

    Also known as: Blush June, Georgia June, Knight’s Red June, Red Harvest, Jones June, Jones Early Harvest, Summer Red, Everbearing Red June, Red June, Red Juneating, Carolina Red, Improved Red June, Sheepnose Crab A long-time Southern favorite, Carolina Red June is believed to have originated in …

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