Early Season Apples

  • Ooten

    A colossal apple from Logan County, West Virginia. As described by James R. “Sammy” Hall of Logan, Ooten has been raised in the Trace Creek and Mingo Creek areas of Mingo County since prior to 1895 when Mingo was part of Logan County. The name …

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  • Tucker


    Also known as: Tucker Everbearing Once believed to be extinct, this low chill apple was rediscovered in 1997 by Lee Calhoun near Greensboro, North Carolina, the area where the apple first originated. According to a 1920 catalog from the J. Van Lindley Nursery of Greensboro, …

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  • Mary McKinney

    Mary McKinney

    Discovered and raised by the late Swansie Shepherd near our hometown of Lansing, North Carolina. Swansie was a highly respected high school agricultural teacher here in Ashe County who raised hundreds of apples and acres of blueberries. The original tree was found by Swansie in …

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  • Yellow Transparent

    Yellow Transparent

    Also known as: Early Transparent, Russian Transparent, Early June, Early June Transparent, White Transparent(?), Charlottenthaler(?), Thaler(?), “Skin Tongue” One of many old Southern apples of Russian origin brought into this country in 1870 by the USDA. Resistant to cedar apple rust and scab and can …

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  • Yellow June

    Yellow June

    Also known as: White June, Hoover June, White Juneating(?) An apple of unknown southern origin, resembling Early Harvest and frequently mistaken for this variety, but with an earlier ripening time than Early Harvest. Fruit medium-sized, roundish, with thin pale yellow or greenish-yellow skin. Skin is …

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  • William’s Favorite

    Also known as: Williams, Williams Apple, Southern Queen, Ladies Apple, Queen, Williams Red, Early Red, Red, Favorite, Motto(?) A wonderful old southern apple well known for its adaptability to most growing conditions. The tree arose around 1750 on the farm of Captain Benjamin Williams in …

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  • Washington Strawberry

    Also known as: Juniata, Washington, Washington County Seedling This colorful, attractive apple originated in New York in 1849 and was sold by Georgia nurseries from 1885 to 1902. The tree is vigorous and is a heavy, dependable bearer. Fruit is large and roundish-conical with waxy …

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  • Tetofsky

    Also known as: Tetofski, Russian Crab An apple of Russian origin first imported into this country from England by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1835. Used primarily as a cooking apple as it is very acid until fully ripened. A natural dwarf tree with great …

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  • Taylor Sweet

    A fairly uncommon local apple grown in Yancey County, North Carolina and discovered by Lee Calhoun after being contacted by Arnold Proffitt and his sister Audrey Davenport. Mr. Proffitt says this apple was grown on his farm when his father was a young boy making …

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  • Tarbutton


    Our friend, Joyce Neighbors of Gadsden, Alabama, noted apple collector from whom we obtained this old apple, says the Tarbutton is an old variety first described in a 1982-1983 catalog of Lawson’s Nursery in Ball Ground, Georgia. According to Jim Lawson this apple probably originated …

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