Early Season Apples

  • July Tart

    According to information, July Tart was an family heirloom variety found at the home of Mrs. Press Whittaker near Cumberland, Kentucky. She had grafted it from an old tree planted by her father when she was a young child. The true history of the original …

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  • July Sweet

    A very rare and obscure local apple obtained from noted apple collector and preservationist, Carlos Manning of Lester, West Virginia. Our friend Carlos has been instrumental in “rediscovering” many wonderful old heritage apples once thought to be extinct, including Rainbow and Western Beauty. The origin …

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  • Horse


    Also known as: Yellow Horse, Old Fashion Horse, Carolina Horse, Summer Horse, Green Horse, McBath, Oldfield Horse, Improved Horse, Trippes Horse, Hoss Horse was probably the most popular apple grown for home use in the South. Believed by some to have originated in Nash County, …

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  • Hollow Log

    This flavorful and colorful apple originated in Rutherford County, North Carolina at an unknown date. Its name derives from the fact that it was discovered growing as a wild seedling near an old hollow log. It is a very late bloomer thus escaping most late …

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  • Hightop Sweet

    Hightop Sweet

    Also known as: High Top Sweeting, Summer Sweet, Sweet June, Early Sweet, Spence’s Early, Yellow Sweet June, Summer Sweet, Summer Sweeting, Summer Sweet of Ohio, Sweet June of Illinois This is a very old American apple having originated in the Plymouth Colony in the 1600’s …

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  • Henry Clay

    This apple originated before 1890 at the hands of W. H. Knight of Hopkins County, Kentucky. In 1910, it was purchased by Stark Bro’s Nursery and sold as an early season yellow apple rivaling the better-known Yellow Transparent. Fruit is medium sized, conical or lopsided …

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  • Hackworth


    Also known as: All Summer, Frederick(?) A long-time popular variety that most likely originated with Dr. Nichodemus Hackworth (1816-1893) of Morgan County, Alabama. A letter sent to the USDA by T.W. Dermington of Lavonia, Georgia, in 1907 stated that the apple arose as a chance …

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  • Gravenstein


    Also known as: Banks Red Gravenstein, Early Congress, Ohio Nonpareil, Sabine, Harryman, Tom Harryman, Banks A very old apple of European origin believed to have originated in the 1600’s with Duke Augustenberg of Castle Graefenstein ( Gravenstein) in Germany. It was introduced into the United …

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  • Golden Sweet

    Golden Sweet

    Also known as: Golden Sweeting, Early Golden Sweet, Summer Sweet An extraordinarily sweet apple, so sweet that Lee Calhoun says the “first bite can be a shock.” It has no acid to balance the sweetness, so eating Golden Sweet can be like eating a tablespoon …

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  • Fanny


    Originated before 1869 with Dr. John K. Eshelman of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. It is a large, well-colored apple which grows on a vigorous, productive tree. Fruit is medium to large and slightly ribbed. The thin, smooth yellow skin is mostly covered with crimson and darker …

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