Early Season Apples

  • Early Strawberry

    Early Strawberry

    Also known as: Red Strawberry, Red Juneating, Tennessee Early Red Early Strawberry is believed to have originated in New York around 1838. It is very similar in appearance to another early apple, Early Red Margaret, with the two often being mistaken. Fruit is medium sized …

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  • Early Redbird

    Early Redbird

    Also known as: Red Bird, Crimson Beauty In 1895 Francis P. Sharp of New Brunswick, Canada exhibited an apple called Crimson Beauty which he had been growing since 1880. In the early 1900’s, Stark Bro’s Nursery sold this apple under the trademarked name of Early …

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  • Early Joe

    Early Joe

    This apple originated with Heman Chapin of Ontario County, New York around 1800. Mr. Chapin is also responsible for giving rise to Northern Spy, another truly fine apple variety. Early Joe first received recognition in 1843 at a fair exhibition in Rochester, New York. Ten …

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  • Early Harvest

    Early Harvest

    Also known as: Yellow June, Yellow Harvest, Yellow Juneating, Canada, French Reinette, Early July Pippin, Early June, July Pippin, Prince’s Early Harvest, Sinclair’s Yellow, Tart Bough, Prince’s Harvest, Bracken, Glass Apple Early Harvest is believed to have originated in the 1700’s in Long Island, New …

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  • Devine

    The origin of this Southern variety is unknown, but cuttings were brought into Alabama from South Carolina in 1895 by the father of Mrs. J.B. Devine. It was in her father’s family for many years before this time. An early bearing variety, ripening mid-late July. …

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  • Davidson Sweeting

    Discovered in 1994 by Dr. L.R. Littleton, this old apple tree was found, barely clinging to life, in the old Berrier Orchard near Cana, Virginia. Renee Berrier told Dr. Littleton that the original grafts were brought into Virginia from Davidson County, North Carolina in the …

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  • Cranberry of North Georgia

    Cranberry of North Georgia

    This is a different apple from Cranberry Pippin which arose in New York. The Cranberry of north Georgia was first mentioned in 1855 and was part of the large collection of heirloom apples grown by the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This medium-sized apple …

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  • Cotton Sweet

    Cotton Sweet

    Also known as: Cotton, Cotton Bole, Large White Sweet This apple originated in North Carolina with Welsh immigrants who settled near Burgaw and Rockfish Creeks on the banks of the Cape Fear River. It was first described in 1858 when it was introduced to the …

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  • Cherryville Black

    Cherryville Black

    This variety was collected by Lee Calhoun in 1987 from Ernest Sellers of Cherryville, NC. It is an unique variety grown by the Sellers family for many years. Believed to be named for Elszy Black, grandfather of Mr. Sellers. Calhoun describes this as one of …

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  • Cauley


    Also known as: Cally, Colley An apple of the Deep South, Cauley arose in Mississippi prior to 1860. According to Calhoun (1995) the apple was “resurrected” in 1919 when a mature tree was found in Grenada, Mississippi. Several young trees were grafted from this old …

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