Early Season Apples

  • Primate


    Also known as: July Apple, Harvest Apple, Belle Rose, Early Tart Harvest, North American Best, Powers, Rough and Ready, Round and Ready, Scott, Sour Harvest, Zour Bough Primate is a high-quality apple which originated about 1840 on the farm of Calvin D. Bingham of Camillus, …

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  • Polly Eades

    Polly Eades

    Discovered in 1884 in Robards, Kentucky and widely sold throughout the region. Believed to be an offspring of the more well-known Horse apple, Polly Eades is a late bloomer, thus escaping most late spring frosts. Tree bears early and produces a fruit which can be …

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  • Parmer


    Also known as: Parmar, Yellow Flat An apple of Virginia origin arising sometime in the 18th century, but never very well known or widely distributed. It is quite an attractive yellow apple popular for making a thick, dark yellow applesauce. It was also very popular …

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  • Mrs. Bryan

    Mrs. Bryan

    Also known as: Bryan, Lady Bryan(?) This apple arose in the mid-1800’s from seeds planted by Robert Boatman of Walker County, Georgia. It was named for Mrs. J. W. Bryan of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, who was a noted member of the Georgia Horticultural Society. The …

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  • Moyers Spice

    Moyers Spice

    A hardy and vigorous variety from the collection of the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This medium-sized, aromatic red apple has yellowish-white flesh with a spicy subacid to sweet flavor. Ripens in mid-July and is not a good keeper. Print

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  • May


    Also known as: May Apple, Yellow May, White Juneating, May Pippin, Early May, White May, Yellow June, Early Gennetting, Gennetting, Owen’s Golden Beauty, Joaneting, Mae(?) One of the earliest season apples and perhaps one of the oldest. Many early sources describe this apple as White …

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  • Margaret

    Also known as: Early Margaret, Early Striped Juneating, Striped June A very old variety originating in England and sold in the South for many years as Striped June or Early Striped June. Margaret is characterized by its small to medium size with an oblong to …

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  • Lowland Raspberry

    Lowland Raspberry

    Also known as: Liveland Raspberry, Livland Raspberry, Red Cheek This apple is one of many old American favorites of Russian origin. It arose in the province of Lievland (Lithuania) and was introduced into the United States in 1883. The flesh is fine-grained, juicy and very …

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  • Lacy

    Listed in two Virginia nursery catalogs in the late 1800’s, Lacy is believed to be of North Carolina origin. It is described as good for fresh eating, canning, cooking, and drying. Fruit is medium or smaller with greenish-yellow skin blushed and striped with red on …

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  • June Sweeting

    Also known as: June Sweetening, June Sweetner, Red June Sweet Though this apple can be confused due to its many synonyms, this is most likely the original variety, Red June Sweet, described in 1878. It was also known under the synonym of June Sweeting. The …

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